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Express kit Mars

9,90 €

Violet royal

Description :

The express pack mars is ideal for small budget. It contains all the essentials to try the M&V experience for the first time or for those who want to complete their M&V range. Select your favorite color among the four glamorous batteries with a colored diamond tip and choose your flavor and your nicotine level.

Inside the box :

  • 1  automatic 280mAh batteries with a golden tip and a colored diamond 
  • 1 selected flavor cartridge and nicotine
  • 1 USB charger


User manual :

Your electronic cigarette M&V is composed of two mains parts, the battery and the flavor cartridge.  The rechargeable battery warms the e-liquid in the disposal flavor cartridge.

To use your electronic cigarette M&V, fix your fresh flavor cartridge to your battery. When you inhale, the battery is automatically activated and your electronic cigarette M&V will produce vapor. Take a few puffs to warm the e-liquid followed by a slow and progressive inhalation.

The M&V disposal cartridges are pre-filled with flavor of e-liquid with or without nicotine made in France.

When your electronic cigarette produces little or no steam, simply unscrew the cartridge and throw it in a recycling trash and screw a new cartridge for new sensation.

Maintenance : 

Our disposable cartridges Mars & Venus include an atomizer, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required !

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