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How does it work?



Getting Started

All the cartridges are pre-filled with e-liquid made in France. Upon receipt of your M & V pack, recharge your battery for 1-3 hours (depending on model) using the USB cable or charger provided in your pack.
The light on the USB charger will turn red when the battery is being charged. This witness turns green when the battery is fully charged.Mars Venus cigarette electronique fashion usb
Then just fix the cartridge to your battery. Mars Venus cigarette electronique fashion usb Your e-cigarette is now ready, puff away healthily and in style!


Easy to use

No manipulation, ready to use, e-cigarettes M & V are very simple to use. No need to press any battery buttons , simply start inhaling, the mere inhalation enables a microprocessor that activates an atomizer which mixes the e-liquid with the air sucked, the mixture is then propelled into the vapor form which gives the effect of a real cigarette smoke. Mars Venus cigarette electronique chic homme As soon as you stop inhaling, the e-cigarette M & V gets to the automatic standby mode.

When your electronic cigarette produces little or no steam, simply unscrew the cartridge and throw it in a recycling trash and screw a new cartridge for new sensation

How much nicotine

The quantity of nicotine is adapted to your consumption and thus it is much easier to know that degree of nicotine to choose, simply by identifying yourself with one of the following categories, it is advisable to know your average cigarette consumption per day taking into account your rest days.

  • You smoke for pleasure or your effort to quit smoking is already showing results: take the 0 mg
  • You smoke between 1 and 10 cigarettes per day or less: take a dosage of 6 mg
  • You smoke between 10 and 15 cigarettes per day: take a dosage of 12 mg
  • Do you smoke more than 15 cigarettes per day: take a dose of 18 mg

The M & V team still recommends starting with your usual dosage of consumption and then reduce your dosage no nicotine that is to say 0mg.


Advantages of electronic cigarette

  • Absence of 4000 toxic chemicals in a real cigarette
  • No bad odor on clothes and no irritation of the eyesx
  • Does not cause yellowing of the teeth or of the fingernails
  • Conservation of gestures and visual pleasure smoke
  • Harmless for the environment (passive smoking)
  • For use in public places, no need to go outside (except when indicated)
  • More economic
  • No fire hazard

Electronic cigarette information

The ingredients in the e-cigarette contain no toxic or carcinogenic substances, only the nicotine is present according to the choice of the user. The e-cigarette is considered by many professionals as a safe alternative to cigarettes. The short-term researches confirm that the electronic cigarette is much less harmful than traditional cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes Mars & Venus is not a medication and does not permit you to quit smoking. It is prohibited to minors and not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, non-smokers and people with respiratory problems, cardiovascular or allergic conditions. We do not recommend to people with hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in the nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol or other substances.