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mars venus recharge cartouche ecigarette eliquide made in france

How M & V cartridges work

M & V cartridges are disposable and have been designed to produce maximum flavor and taste.

A resistance or atomizer is integrated with each M& V cartridge , thereby producing a maximum vapor to each recharge. The expulsion of steam is regularly by the silicone plug to prevent leakage of e-liquid.

Easy to use, you can enjoy a new refill with a simple turn of the screw and the feel of a real cigarette are preserved.

  mars venus recharge cartouche ecigarette jetable
recharge cartouche ecigarette eliquide francais nicotine  

M & V Recharges assembled in France

All Cartridges are preloaded in France with Premium French e-liquid : Nova liquids

Easy to recharge, you no longer have to handle the e-liquid, we take care of it for you and you just have to enjoy.

Our e-liquid is made of high quality ingredients in compliance with the most rigorous criteria of production to meet the standards of European pharmaceutical safety.
Made of 100% natural aromas, our e-liquid contains neither alcohol nor water.

Various levels of nicotine are available :

  • No nicotine : 0 mg
  • Light : 6 mg
  • Medium : 12 mg
  • High : 18 mg