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<p>If you represent a tobacco shop , a store specializing in the electronic cigarette, a nightclub , or any other shops nearby such as jewelry , ready- to-wear, then you can <strong>become a reseller of the French brand Mars &amp; Venus</strong>.</p>
<p>The market for electronic cigarette mainly focuses on rechargeable cigarettes tank ( Tank sytem ) . The <strong> e-cigarette ready for use</strong>, without manipulation of e- liquid is expanding and already popular with celebrities in the U.S.<strong> Stand out</strong> in selling our M & V and aesthetic quality with an attractive packaging products for men and women . Convenient and easy to use , our products do not require a large logistics.</p>
<p>Mars &amp; Venus offers two types of fine collections and for her glamorous , chic and distinguished for Him. <strong> Unique design</strong>, electronic cigarettes Mars &amp; Venus have a charging system ready with a varied number of flavors. The e- liquid in the cartridge is<strong>manufactured in France</strong> with <strong>100% natural aromas and alcohol</strong>.</p>
<p>By choosing Mars & Venus , our team will assist you in the marketing of our products and the <strong>development of your store</strong>.</p>