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Electronic cigarette For her| for him

Mars Venus ecigarette pour homme

Classy and distinguished

An electonique cigarette for men comes with a diameter of 9,2 mm and a length of 115 mm, similar to traditional cigarette and a pleasant touch of silicone. Make the difference with the e-cigarette Mars and become an accomplice to your partner.


A sublime diamond tip for you

A masculinity borne with a white diamond, a symbol of power at the end of your e-cigarette Mars. Inspired by the luxury a puff with your partner has never been easier!

Make yourself seen!

When you puff, an LED light colour lights to mimic the combustion M & V has chosen a Blue LED colour to differentiate you from the other users. The effect is even more pronounced at night and you will not leave anyone indifferent!



A 280 mAh battery will allow you to enjoy over 400 puffs or the equivalent of 2 refills of M & V (20 conventional cigarettes). The e-cigarette M & V is always ready to use whenever you want to puff.


A necklace for your electronic cigarette Mars to carry it wherever you want and to puff whenever you desire and in peace.


To each ones style!

Choose the color of your Mars electronic cigarette that suits you . Accompany your masculine wardrobe and accessories with the color of your favorite M & V for a trendy and distinguished look .

Mars-ecigarette-slim-homme-platinum-led-bleue   Mars-ecigarette-slim-homme-noir-led-bleue
E-cigarette Mars for men comes in a platinum brushed colour with white diamonds, blue colour LED


  E-cigarette Mars for men has a silicone touch, black with white diamond jewelry, a blue color LED


E-cigarette Mars for men with a touch of silicone, white with white diamond jewelry, blue color LED