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Electronic cigarette For her| For him

Finally an electronic cigarette designed for women !

Are you looking for one, we have it tailor-made for you. Discover the finest rechargeable electronic cigarette in the market with only 7.8 mm in diameter and a length of 115 mm. Puff with elegance and without inhibition.

  Mars Venus ecigarette femme diamant rouge

A diamond tip for you to sublimate

An assumed femininity with a diamond tip. Each cigarette has a diamond end colored and gives you a unique electronic cigarette.

Sparkling in color

When you are enjoying a puff, a color LED light lights up to imitate the combustion and each battery has its own LED color.

M & V has chosen novel LED colors to distinguish yourself from traditional smokers. The effect is even more pronounced at night and you will not leave anyone indifferent!



A 150 mAh battery will allow you to enjoy over 200 puffs or the equivalent of a pack of traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarette Mars & Venus is always ready to use whenever you want to have a puff.