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Polar mint

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Violet royal

Description :

Discover our polar mint with a refreshing and stimulating taste

  • 1 kit of 5 cartridges: 11, 90€
  • 3 kits of 5 cartridges: 10, 90€ unit,cost saving of 9%
  • 5 kits of 5 cartridges: 9, 90€ unit,cost saving of 17%


A kit contains 5 M&V cartridges pre-filled of French e-liquid (Nova Liquid) with flavor and selected level of nicotine, about 75 traditional cigarettes.You no longer have to handle the e-liquid, M&V take care of it for you and you just have to enjoy.

A resistance or an atomizer is integrated in each M&V cartridge, in order to produce a maximum vapor to each recharge.  The quantity of e-liquid made in French in one cartridge: 

  • Mars for men is 0,1ml, about 15 traditional cigarettes
  • Venus for women is 0,7ml, about 10 traditional cigarettes


Nicotine Level:                        

  • You smoke for pleasure or your smoking cessation is already active: take 0 mg
  • You smoke between 1 and 10 cigarettes at least per day: 6 mg
  • You smoke between 10 and15 cigarettes at least per day: take the dosage 12 mg
  • You smoke more than 15 cigarettes per day: take the dosage 18 mg


User manual:

  • Remove the rubber freshness protective of the cartridges
  • Fix the cartridges to the M&V battery
  • Take a few puffs to warm the e-liquid, followed by a slow and progressive inhalation


E-liquid information

M&V cartridges contains e-liquid made in France composed of:

  • 80% of propylène Glycol
  • 20% vegetable glycerin
  • 100% natural aromas
  • With or without nicotine


It contains neither diacetyl, parabens, ambrox or alcohol and no water added. Propylène glycol & glycerin have the ability to produce vapor.Flavors are 100% natural and bring all tasting flavor. Nicotine is in the form of pharmaceutically pure liquid in order to encourage the hit. The e-liquid used in the M&V cartridges is not a drug and can’t be considered such as smoking cessation

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