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  • Mars And Venus
  • Cigarette électronique chic luxe e-Mars
  • Mars & Venus
cigarette eletronique fashion glamour diamant Venus pour femmeMars & Venus cigarette eletronique fashion glamour en video
Mars & Venus the french touch e-cigarette
cigarette electronique mars chic luxe diamant
Mars & Venus e-liquide francais made in France

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  • Polar mint

    Polar mint flavour with a refreshing and stimulating tast

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  • Mars starter kit

    For medium and heavy smokers - Pre-filled cartridges 

    •  2  automatic 280mAh batteries with a golden and a colored diamond tip 
    •  1 pack of 5 selected flavor cartridges and nicotine
    •  1 USB charger
    •  1 wall adaptor  
    •  1 user manual


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Why choose electronic cigarette Mars & Venus

Change your lifestyle

  • To reduce carcinogenic risks (absence of 400 toxic chemicals in a real cigarette)
  • Harmless for your family and your friends (passive smoking)
  • Smoke everywhere and when you want!
  • Keep fresh breath and no bad odor on clothes or even in your house
  • Keep smiling, does not cause yellowing of the teeth
  • Conservation of your gesture and visual pleasure smoke
  • Don’t miss any family or friends meeting, no need to go outside in order to smoke
  • Finally, be fashionable and create your own style

Simplified cartridges

  • Excellent vapor density
  • A flavor rendered with a strong taste
  • Easy to use Refills and quick
  • Significant cost saving
  • One refill is equal to one cigarette pack

E-liquid made in France

  • 100% natural aromas without alcohol 
  • Liquid is certified and guaranteed by a French laboratory
  • Different gourmet and fruity flavors with or without nicotine

Unique design

  • An electronic cigarette with a fine and glamorous design for her
  • An electronic cigarette chic and distinguished for him
  • A silicon coating for delicate and pleasant touch
  • A shining diamond tip and colorful Led

Satisfied consumers

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